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This powerful skin brightening and spot correcting oil is a blend of oils and precious essential oils that are proven to help protect skin against sun damage, discoloration, premature aging and hyperpigmentation.   This oil blend slows the progress of melanin pigmentation by intercepting the ultraviolet rays at the skin’s surface and hindering their transmission.  Phytosterols in this oil blend help repair damages caused by environmental factors including sun damage and ellagic acid present in this blend protects skin against ultra violet damage.

  • Lightens spots
  • Evens skintone
  • Brightens skin
  • Protects against UVB and UVA
  • For all skintypes
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Vegan



Rice Bran Oil: Loaded with vitamin E and gamma-oryzanol, this oil is known for it’s ability to reverse the effects of aging by destroying the free radicals in the skin.  It also slows the progress of melanin pigmentation by intercepting the ultraviolet rays at the skin’s surface and hindering their transmission.  The vitamin E in this oil protects skin lipids from oxidation, and is often used to prevent freckles, age spots and darkening of the skin.  It is deeply hydrating and fast absorbing.  It is a popular beauty oil in Japan where women who use it are known as ‘rice bran beauties’.

*Lavender Essential Oil:  One of the most popular essential oils, Lavender oil has been used for over 2,500 years.  It slows down aging with powerful antioxidants, it helps heal burns and wounds, it restores skin complexion and reduces acne and it improves eczema and psoriasis. The scent is known to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and eliminate headaches.

Pure Vitamin E: It prevents and repairs free radical damages and protects skin against other environmental assaults. It lubricates cell membranes and speeds up cell regeneration.

*Rosehip Oil: Packed with vitamins A, C & E, Rosehip oil is one of the best anti-aging oils available.  This oil stimulates collagen and elastin production of the skin and as a result, the skin will be more toned, tightened and lifted.  The vitamins in this oil also promote healthy cell regeneration which helps with repairing mature and damaged skin.

*Red Raspberry Seed Oil: This oil is known to possibly absorb UVB and UVC and could offer limited protection from UVA so “may act as a broad spectrum UV protectant”.  This oil has very high levels of phytosterols that can help reduce trans-epidermal water loss, thereby helping keep skin moisturized.  Phytosterols also help repair damages caused by environmental factors including sun damage. RRS oil also contains anti-aging benefits due to content of ellagic acid (an antioxidant).  Studies show that ellagic acid protects skin against ultra violet damage.  This oil is also very high in Vitamin E – an antioxidant.  Antioxidants in skin care are important to prevent oxidative damage, which can lead to sun spots, age spots, premature skin aging and skin cancer.

*Evening Primrose: This is one of the most precious and exotic oils used for centuries for its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. It is an incredible source of linoleic acid; an essential fatty acid that our body can not produce. Linoleic Acid is crucial to normal moisture barrier function. Evening Primrose is absorbed quickly and it has the ability to repair and strengthen skin’s moisture barrier and heal damaged and inflamed skin.

Lemon Oil: Lemon Essential Oil contains astringent properties which can be used to remove dead skin cells, brighten skin complexion and reverse sun damage.  It is also a natural detoxifier and contains antiseptic properties that aid in clearing the face from pimples and acne.  Lemon oil also tightens the skin, preventing wrinkles, and removes excess oils that clog pores and cause blackheads.

Geranium Oil: Rose Geranium essential oil is excellent for treating a variety of skin disorders such as acne, eczema, dermatitis, rashes and fungal infections.  Amongst many other benefits, this oil is cicatrisant and it can make scars fade away slowly and restore the skin’s flawlessness.

Chamomile Oil:  It is known to be effective in healing sun burns.  It eases the blemishes and evens the skin tone.  It helps skin repair, regenerate and strengthen, which in turn keeps your skin young and refreshing.  Chamomile oil reduces inflammation and redness caused by acne, eczema or other factors thus helping you enjoy a scar-free skin.

Frankincense Essential Oil: Known as the king of oils, this powerful and precious oil has many health benefits…It is proven to fight cancer. As for the skin, it has the ability to penetrate cells and promote healthy cell regeneration therefore it is an excellent oil for tightening the skin, repairing and removing lines, wrinkles and skin sagginess. It also helps fade scars and discoloration. Frankincense oil is also anti-inflammatory, astringent, antiseptic and disinfectant.

*Certified Organic

How To Use:

Apply morning and evening on the spots or the entire face after your moisturizer.  Place 5 drops of oil on the tip of your fingers and warm it by rubbing your fingers together. Gently pat fingers on the spots or the entire face.  Keep patting gently until the oil is evenly distributed and absorbed.

DO NOT apply too close to the eyes. It can cause burning and irritation if it gets into your eyes.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 40 in

2 reviews for Spot Correcting Oil

  1. Ellin A.

    Last few years living in California and enjoying the beach life has taken a toll on my skin. I’d noticed I’m getting spots that wouldn’t go away even when my tan was gone. after using so many products and not seeing a difference, I found this oil and with the first bottle, I am seeing a huge improvement on my skin. My spots are lightening up and my skin is more even.

  2. Nancy

    After just three days my skin looks and feels better! The first day using Naturaholic’s oil for dark spots my skin was thanking me. It truly feels like I am feeding my skin. This line of skin care has very high-end ingredients and is cruelty-free – all around goodness! Nahid is totally committed to helping her clients get just what they need to help heal, nourish and keep their skin looking and feeling great. I am going to get the entire line.

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