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New studies show that CBD has a very similar potency to that of common antibiotics when it comes to killing bacteria.  The CBD also disrupts the biofilm, the layer of ”goop” around bacteria that makes it more difficult for the antibiotic to penetrate and kill.

The lab studies showed that “CBD is much less likely to cause resistance than the existing antibiotics, making it ideal for antibiotic resistance superbugs.

Per CDC, the viruses and bacteria are destroyed during the hand washing process in a mechanical way, in which the pathogens are removed with friction and then rinsed off the skin, while laboratory data demonstrates that alcohol-based sanitizers inactivate the cellular walls of bacteria and virus by collapsing them in on each other. This alters their composition and effectively dismantles the nucleus of the cell, not only destroying it but making it impossible for it to communicate or reproduce.

Clinical research shows that the use of hand sanitizers for the removal of pathogens, including a continuous and vigorous rubbing of the hands for at least 30 seconds using a 70% or higher ethanol-based hand sanitizer, eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that contribute to illnesses like COVID-19 and similar viral strains.  This hand sanitizer contains:

Total Cannabinoid Range: 200 (4 oz.)
CBD Range: 100 (4 oz.) mg per unit
CBG Range: 100 (4 oz.) mg per unit
Alcohol: 70%
Container Size: 4 oz


  • CBD & CBG Infused
  • Fast Acting
  • Moisturizing


According to CDC guidelines, hand washing with soap and water is recommended as the primary method of hand hygiene where possible.  But in the absence of soap and water, using a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol can help you avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others.

This fast-acting 1:1 CBD+CBG Hand Sanitizer Gel is formulated with Vitamin E to moisturize the hand and prevent dryness.  This formula is effective at eliminating many common germs and bacteria in as little as 30 seconds.

Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol (70%), Deionized Water, PEG-6, AMP-Acrylates/Vinyl Isodecanoate Crosspolymer, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Cannabigerol, Cannabidiol


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 40 in

3 reviews for CBD Hand Sanitizer with CBG

  1. admin

    That’s the power of the moisturizing vitamin E. Alcohol dries the skin overtime so it is crucial to use hand sanitizers that contain vitamin E to moisturize while you sanitize.

  2. Emineh Issaian

    I have never been fond of using hand sanitizers because of how sticky they can get, but recently I tried this product and loved it. Not only does it not get sticky, it contains vitamin E, which moisturizes your skin. I love this product!

  3. Anny

    Now that we have to use so much hand sanitizer, we might as well use the best. I have tried the cheappy ones and they are horrible. They were making my hands so dry and my skin was starting to crack and i think i was getting eczema. My friend gave me this as a gift and i noticed a huge difference. my second bottle just arrived and my hands are so soft yet clean. love it.

  4. Charlyn

    I am glad to have found this. This is truly moisturizing. My hands were starting to get super dry using store-bought hand sanitizer. When I saw this with vitamin E, thought to give it a try and it sure helps.

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