Now that you are a pro at brewing kombucha, it’s time to go one step above and flavor your kombucha with fresh fruits and herbal teas.

If you missed the first video on brewing kombucha, go back and check it out. You will learn how to brew kombucha in less than 6 minutes.  Doing a second ferment adds a whole lot of carbonation to your kombucha and gives it an amazing flavor and color.  Once you try the second fermentation, you will never drink a regular kombucha again. 

Check out our blog post on kombucha for detailed instruction on the amount of each ingredient in making kombucha; and if you are interested in any of the products used in this video or any other tools needed to brew and bottle your kombucha; please consider going through our Amazon affiliate link.  We truly appreciate you supporting our blog and youtube channel so we can bring you more fresh content every month.

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Stay Tuned and Happy Brewing!