The best way to fight off disease is to boost your immune system and that is one of the hottest topics these days.

Scientists believe that we are more bacteria than human. To be exact we have 40% human cells and 60% bacteria.

We often associate bacteria and microbes with disease but our body is full of them,… Good and bad. It is the balance between the good and the bad bacteria that determines our health.

These tiny warriors are our first line of defense against physical and mental disease and infections.

All this bacteria are spread throughout our body. They are on our skin, in our mouth, nose, ears and in our gut.

G.I. tract or gut bacteria is known as gut microbiota and it is one of the most discussed topics because…well, most diseases start in the gut.  So if they manage to maintain a healthy and normal gut flora; that’s the colony of good and bad bacteria, we can boost our immune system and live a healthier life.

Bad bacteria in our gut thrive off of sugar, artificial sweeteners and processed food. If you find yourself craving sweets and junk food, it is the sign that bad bacteria has taken over and is nudging you to eat the kind of food they need to survive and thrive.

That’s bad news for your immune system.

An easy and delicious way to increase the good bacteria count in your gut is to incorporate a daily dose of fermented food and probiotics into your diet.

Eating and drinking fermented foods like kombucha, milk kefir, sauerkraut and pickled vegetables can help restore a healthy gut, but the key is to eating or drinking a small amount, two or three times a day everyday.

Sure, there are many brands of probiotic supplements and fermented drinks in stores but most commercial probiotics are just not what they say they are.

They simply don’t have all the strains of bacteria needed because they are processed and pasteurized to have a longer shelf life.

They also have added sugars and sweeteners to be better tasting and it is the sugar that feeds your bad bacteria so they defeat the purpose.

Needless to say most of them come at a very high price tag.

There’s a constant battle between the good and the bad bacteria in the gut.  Probiotics feed the good bacteria while sugar, starch and wheat feed the bad bacteria. You need to decide which side you are on and who you are going to be feeding.

If you want to know more about the benefits of fermented foods visit our blog on benefits of fermented food.

If you want to help your good bacteria and boost your immune system, the best way is to start brewing your own kombucha and milk kefir and making your own pickled vegetables.

It is super easy and fun and it takes less than an hour a week to make these delicious probiotic-rich drinks for the entire family.

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