A concoction of preservatives, artificial coloring and other chemical agents might make a skin care product look attractive, but in reality such products can cause potential damage to your skin. When these harmful chemicals penetrate through your skin, into your body they can affect your health and ruin your immune system. It’s time to wake up and say a big no to such injurious ingredients, and go natural instead. Skin care products made from naturally occurring ingredients are not only safe but are great for our overall wellbeing and have healing properties.  Here are the perks of using natural products for skin care and wellness:

Environment Friendly

Products with chemically based ingredients can have a negative environmental impact. These chemicals cause air and water pollution. Natural and organic products are safe for our planet and are surely a better choice.

Non Allergenic

Since natural products do not contain harsh chemicals, they are less likely to cause allergies, redness and breakouts. These products are free from carcinogenic chemicals and promote a holistic approach to skin care, making your body beautiful inside out.

Cruelty Free

The beauty industry has been receiving the backlash for conducting animal testing for their products. A lot of natural products are vegan and cruelty free. Cruelty free skincare refers to the use of products that have not been tested on animals and are safe for use. Vegan products are derived from plants and are great for radiant skin.

Effective Skin Care

Our skin is our largest sense organ and it absorbs around 60 percent of what is applied on it. Natural skin care products are not just safe but super effective and bring that radiant glow on your skin. From essential oils to plant based products like moringa and aloevera, these have been proven to have benefits like preventing acne, skin tightening and skin cleansing.

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