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Are regular facials really beneficial for the skin?

Getting a facial every now and then has become very popular in recent years since it is a great way to pamper ourselves.  [...]

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Mirza Ghasemi Recipe, a vegetarian rosted eggplant dish from Iran

Mirza Ghasemi is a very popular Persian dish from North part of Iran.  It tastes amazing and it is very easy to make. [...]

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25 common household Uses for Vinegar- Some will shock you!

Vinegar doesn't just belong in your kitchen...it can be used in every room in the house as well as the outdoors and in [...]

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Cold Probiotic Soup_ Gluten-Free

Now that you know how to make your own Milk Kefir, here is a quick and easy recipe for a Gluten-Free cold probiotic [...]

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4 Temperaments Explained

In my previous post, I talked about the four temperaments in Iranian Traditional Medicine.   Individuals with certain temperaments have specific physical and [...]

Iranian Traditional Medicine- Identify your Temperament

PREVENTION is better than CURE! ~ Desiderius Erasmus In my previous post about "Our Body Machine", I shared how the "Iranian Traditional Medicine" has [...]

Our Body Machine

Having lived 25 years of my life in Iran (and the rest here in the U.S), I have gained an appreciation for the [...]

Milk Kefir Benefits and Recipe

As I mentioned in my previous post, most diseases start in the gut so in order to improve your overall health, a good [...]

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Simple Steps for Homemade Kombucha

What is Kombucha? Kombucha is that naturally carbonated, tangy probiotic drink that almost everyone is talking about these days.  It is made of [...]

Fermented Foods (Probiotics) And Gut Microbiome

It is often believed that we are more bacteria than human,...In the past scientists thought that bacteria to human cell ratio in our [...]

What is Oil Pulling?

What happens in the mouth can affect the entire body.  So if you are trying to improve your oral hygiene and overall health, Oil [...]

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Chicory Root: A Caffeine-Free Coffee

If you are trying to cut back on coffee, here is a great alternative: You can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed chicory root guilt-free, [...]

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Tahini and its amazing health benefits

(My favorite breakfast) Tahini is a paste from ground up toasted sesame seeds. It has a consistency similar to peanut butter. There are two types [...]

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